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Transform your space with professional interior and exterior painting. Experience the magic of a well-crafted paint service from Nieves Painting.

"I've never had an easier and more professional painting job. The most reliable painting company I've done business with. Excellent communication, personalism, kindness and very clean. They were very kind and courteous. I recommend it to the 💯. Thank you for everything."

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Professional painters you can count on.

Are faded walls and chipped paint making your home look uninviting? It's not just the aesthetic appeal at stake but also the protection and value of your property. Weather in Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, and the surrounding areas can be harsh, causing exterior surfaces to deteriorate and colors to lose their vibrancy faster than you'd expect.

At Nieves Painting, we provide professional painting services tailored to brave the Florida sun and stand the test of time, transforming homes with vibrant colors and a durable finish. Whether you require interior painting or exterior painting services, trust us to rejuvenate your property.

Seamless Communication

You can effortlessly reach out to your dedicated project manager to ask questions and get updates about any aspect of your painting project at your convenience.

Unmatched Customer Service

You will experience exemplary customer service with a team that constantly puts your satisfaction at the heart of their work. We take great pride in being able to create successful relationships with our customers.

A Portfolio of Painting Projects

With an extensive portfolio of painting projects, you can count on us as your professional painter for your next project. Our services come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty on workmanship.

Why may you need the assistance of a professional painter?

Your paint is fading.

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause paint on your walls to lose its vibrancy over time. Ultraviolet rays gradually break down the color, which is most noticeable on the exterior of your building. An experienced painter possesses the knowledge to select the appropriate primer and paint to rejuvenate your walls and prevent fading, restoring them to a fresh and vibrant appearance.

Your walls have damage from previous paint.

Applying excessive paint at once can form small pools that trickle down the walls, leaving unsightly streaks. If any damage occurs, your industrial painter can rectify it by gently sanding, wiping down, and applying touch-up paint.

Your paint is flaking, peeling, or blistering.

If your paint is peeling off, coming off in large chunks, or bubbling up, it indicates excessive moisture in the air. Excess moisture, mold, mildew, and rust can cause damage to both interior and exterior walls, resulting in distorted or even detached paint. Before proceeding with painting, it may be necessary to inspect the building for mold and potentially even remove and reinstall the walls. Your professional painter will guide you through the next steps. In some cases, they may be able to repair the affected area, restoring it seamlessly.

How can Nieves Painting help?

A Florida home interior that has been painted by Nieves Painting.

Interior Painting Services

Elevate your property's interior.

Enhance your property's interior with meticulous attention to detail and a personalized touch that makes each room reflect your unique style.

Our interior painters begin with a comprehensive protection strategy; we cover your furniture and flooring against paint splatters and spills, ensuring that your belongings remain pristine throughout the painting process. Should your walls show signs of wear and tear, our teams are equipped to repair any drywall damage, leaving behind a smooth canvas for a flawless paint application. But it's not just about painting walls – we work with you to select colors and finishes that personalize your space, making it a true reflection of your taste and vision. We proudly provide residential interior painting services for homeowners and landlords in and around Port Charlotte.

Did you know?

We can connect you with a representative from Sherwin Williams for a free 30-minute consultation if you require help with color selection.

Check out the top 50 colors from Sherwin Williams!

Exterior Painting Services

Refresh your home's exterior. 

Your exterior surfaces take a hit from the relentless Florida sun, stormy weather, and the encroachment of mold and mildew, leading to faded, cracked, or peeling paint that diminishes your home's protective barrier.

At Nieves Painting, our exterior house painting process starts with a thorough power washing to remove dirt, debris, and any unwelcome growths, ensuring a spotless canvas for our paintwork. We protect your outdoor plants, decorative items, and furniture, guaranteeing that the only change you notice is the vibrant, renewed appearance of your walls. Where surface damage like cracks or wood rot exists, our skilled professionals repair and prepare each area, ensuring a long-lasting finish that looks spectacular and provides enduring protection to your investment. You can count on us to be your professional house painters.

A Florida home exterior that has been painted by Nieves Painting.
Commercial painting of an industrial exterior in Port Charlotte, FL.

Commercial Painting Services

Make your business stand out with a professional finish!

Businesses often face the challenge of presenting a professional and inviting atmosphere for potential customers and clients. A shabby or dated appearance can negatively affect client perceptions and, by extension, the success of your business.

Nieves Painting understands the power of a professional finish for your commercial space. Our detailed approach not only revitalizes the look of your business but serves as a testament to your commitment to excellence. With durable, high-quality paints and state-of-the-art application techniques, we promise a transformation that will impress clients, elevate your brand image, and create an environment where employees feel proud to work.

500+ Residential Projects

150+ Commercial Projects

50+ Trained Employees

"Started with the idea of painting one location. After a great job with a more than competitive price we decided to do two neighboring locations. Well after those experiences we enjoyed dealing with them so much we recently booked our ninth location and couldn't be happier with the entire team and their customer first approach. Thank you Lou, Luis and the entire team for making our restaurants the best on the block!!!! You are undoubtedly the best!!!"

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We are not just painting contractors.

We also assist with other interior and exterior needs you may have.

Drywall repair in progress.

Drywall Repair

Walls with blemishes not only detract from a room's beauty but also can lead to deeper structural issues if not addressed. Cracks, holes, or water damage in drywall can mar an otherwise perfect paint job and are signals that your walls need professional care.

Nieves Painting offers a drywall repair service to ensure a flawless finish for your painting project. Our specialists  assess the extent of any damage and carry out repairs. From patching holes to smoothing out imperfections, we prep your walls for a layer of paint that lasts.

Epoxy flooring in a garage.

Epoxy Coating

Regular concrete floors are prone to damage, absorb spills, and can be tough to clean.

Enter epoxy flooring — the durable, resilient, and sleek answer to your flooring needs. Nieves Painting offers specialized epoxy painting services that seal your floors, repel stains, and provide an easy-to-clean, glossy finish. Upgrade your space with epoxy for a surface that stands up to heavy use and enhances the overall look.

Professional pressure washing of a home in Port Charlotte.

Pressure Washing

Over time, a home's exterior can accumulate dirt, grime, and harmful growths like mold and mildew. This can damage the structural materials if left unchecked.

Our professional pressure-washing services will rejuvenate your home's look by effectively stripping away years of dirt and grime. Our high-powered equipment and expert techniques ensure a deep clean, brightening your home's facade and preparing surfaces perfectly for painting or simply enjoying a refreshed appearance.

A popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Many homeowners struggle with outdated popcorn ceilings that are not only an eyesore but potentially lower the value of their property. These textured surfaces can harbor dust and allergens, making them difficult to clean and maintain.

At Nieves Painting, we offer professional popcorn ceiling removal services to help you modernize your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Our experts handle the removal process from start to finish, leaving you with a smooth, clean ceiling ready for a fresh coat of paint.

"Nieves Painting did a great job when we changed the exterior colors of our four bedroom home in Port Charlotte. They had a good price. I recommend their work."

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